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        1. 六年級上冊英語期末綜合素質能力測評

          適用年級:六年級 學科分類:英語 適用地區:人教版地區 資源類型:試題 文件類型:.doc 資料等級:★★★★★ 資料大?。?/small>1.34 MB 發布時間:2016-11-02 官方網址:HHXX.com.cn
          一、 聽音,將你聽到的單詞或詞組前的字母寫在括號里。(5分)
          (??? )1、 A.? GPS?????????? B.? Germany???????? C.?? gym
          (??? )2、 A.? amazing????? B.? quickly?????????? C. comic?
          (??? )3、 A.? feature?????? B.? ferry????????????? C.? fast
          (??? )4、 A.? university??? B.? gym?????????????? C. space?
          (??? )5、 A.? ask?????????? B.? join??????????????? C.?? use
          二、 聽音。根據圖片提示,按你聽到的順序將句子補充完整。(10分)
          1、Mike is??? ______________________________.
          2、They are? ___________________________.
          3、Chen Jie is? ______________________________.
          4、Wu Yifan is? ______________________________.
          5、I am ______________________________.
          (??? )? It’s over there.
          (??? )? I often go by subway.
          (??? )? I’m going to draw some pictures.
          (??? )? Yes, he does.
          (??? )? She is a head teacher.
          ????????????????????????????? 筆試部分(80分)

          1. are, what, going, you, do, to, tomorrow (?)
          2. to, have, an, I am going, lesson, art (.)
          3. hobbies,are,what,your(?)
          4. does,Dad,? now,how,?? feel(?)
          5. has,very,life,he,? a? healthy (.)
          (?? ) 1.?? (?? ) 2.? (?? ) 3.?????????? (?? ) 4.????? (??? ) 5.?

          A. His father goes to work by subway.
          B. My father is a teacher in a school.
          C. Their grandpa reads newspapers every day.
          D. Jack always goes to the cinema.
          E. His sister likes playing the violin.?????
          1題圖???????????????????? 2題圖?????????????????? 3題圖
          1、My father is a?? ___________.
          2、My mother is a? _______________.
          3、My sister is a? _____________.
          4、Mike works at sea. He is a __________.
          5、She works in a gym.?? She is a ______________.
          1、Mary has a cat.?????????? What ______ Mary ______?
          2、He goes to school by bus.?? How ____ he _______ to school?
          3、My aunt works in a gym.?? Where ______ your aunt ______?
          4、He is a teacher.?????????? What _______ he _________?
          5、He likes playing the pipa.?????? What _______ he _________?
          九根據表格判斷句子正誤,對的打“ √?? ”,錯的打“×”(10分)
          ????????????????? √=like? ×= dislike
          hobby Amy Mike Wu Yifan Sarah
          swimming √ × √ ×
          listening to music √? √ √ √
          watching TV × √ × √
          playing chess × √ √ ×
          drawing √ × √ √
          making planes × √ √ ×

          (??? )1、Amy likes swimming but Wu? Yi fan dislike.
          (??? )2、Mike likes making planes and playing chess.
          (??? )3、Sarah likes watching TV but dislikes swimming.
          (??? )4、Wu Yifan and Mike like playing chess and drawing.
          (??? )5、All the children like listening to music.
          (?? ) 1. I’m going to the supermarket __________my mother.
          A. with?? B. and?? C. but???? D. too
          (?? ) 2. I’m going to clean the room ___________ afternoon.
          A. in??? B. to?? C. by??? D. this
          (?? ) 3. —What are you going to do on the weekend?
          A. I often play football B. I’m going to visit my uncle
          C. I’m reading a book D. I go to the park
          ( ) 4. I’m going to___________ in the bookstore.
          A. buy an English book B. buy some plants
          C. buy a sweater??????? D. buy shoes
          ( ) 5. —Where are you going?
          —I’m going to___________.
          A. next week?? B. this morning? C. the hospital? D. buy some plants
          ( ) 6. —__________are you going?
          —Next week.
          A. Where? B. When?? C. How??? D. Which
          ( ) 7. How are you going there?
          A. Buy a book? B. By bike?? C. Bookstore?? D. This morning
          (?? ) 8--. ---What are your hobbies?
          A. He is a student?????????? B. I’m reading a book
          C. I like listening to music and reading stories? D. I go to school on foot
          ( ) 9. Does your pen pal live in Beijing?
          A. She is from the USA.??? B. She likes reading
          C. Yes, she does.????????? D. She can do it
          ( ) 10. ---What are Alice’s hobbies?
          A. She is a teacher.????????? B. She is listening to music.
          C. She goes to work by car.?? D. She likes fishing and hiking.

          Tomorrow is Mid-Autumn festival. My family are going to get together and have a big dinner. My father and mother are going to cook.My aunt is going to make mooncakes. My grandma will tell us a story about Chang’e. Robin and I are going to read a peom. But today I’m going to do my homework.
          (??? )1、My family will? _____________on Mid-Autumn festival.
          A、have a party? B、go shopping??? C、have a big dinner
          (??? )2、My aunt is going to _________
          A、make mooncakes?? B、tell us a story about Chang’e?? C、read a peom.
          (二)判斷。對的寫T 錯的寫F
          (??? )3、Robin and I are going to read a story.
          (??? )4、Today I’m going to watch TV.
          If you are the writer(作者),what are your parents going to do??

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