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        1. 安徽肥東縣2017高考英語寫作和閱讀一輪編選及答案

          適用年級:高三 學科分類:英語 適用地區:人教版地區 資源類型:試題 文件類型:.doc 資料等級:★★★★★ 資料大?。?/small>0.08 MB 發布時間:2016-11-07 官方網址:HHXX.com.cn
          ?????? 1.自我介紹;
          ?????? 2.出游的時間、目的地等信息;
          ?????? 3.需要提前做的準備工作。
          ??? 要求:1.詞數100左右;
          ????????? 2.為使行文連貫,可根據內容要點適當增加細節。
          Dear Mr. Smith,

          ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Yours sincerely,
          ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Li Hua

          Dear Mr. Smith,
          ??? It is my honor to introduce myself to you. I’m Li Hua, Chairman of the Student Union of our school. And I was asked to act as a tourist guide for you on next weekend. The schedule and details are as follows:
          ??? We’ll have a wonderful and well-organized trip, not far from the downtown. Since you are new here, you will be amazed at the scenery and surroundings there. In terms of the meeting time, 8 o’clock on the morning of Saturday will be fine. And at that time, I will be waiting for you at the school gate. Remember not to take too many things. Just a bottle of water, some pieces of bread or other kinds of food, a cap or a pair of sunglasses will be enough. Also, you'd better wear a pair of sports shoes.
          ?? Looking forward to seeing you. I believe we'll have a good day.
          ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Yours Sincerely
          ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Li Hua

          Study the following cartoon carefully and write an essay on the topic of loving our parents.
          Your essay should meet the requirements below:
          1. Describe the cartoon and the message conveyed.
          2. Draw a conclusion and give your comments on the cartoon.
          3. Word limit: 100-- 120 words.

          As is vividly shown in the picture, old parents are sitting at table, disappointed.
          ??? Although they receive a lot of presents from their children, no one comes back to celebrate with them. They feel very miserable and have no appetite, since what they want most is not such material stuffs but the care and love from their children and grandchildren.
          Nowadays, young men look so busy and independent in modern society that they will never feel free to live with their parents. They move out and mind their own business every day. On usual days, they would not like to take their time to visit their parents with the excuses of busyness. On some festival days, they probably share a little time to drop in on their parents or even just send some presents but don’t show up personally like what the cartoon above illustrates. They think that presents can represent their love, however, to the parents, who overcame a lot of difficulties to bring them up, those stuffs are far from what they really hope for.
          ? Therefore, however busy we may be, we should spend more time accompanying our parents. Considering their selfless love, we should return them the same from the bottom of our heart.
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