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        1. 安徽肥東縣2017高考英語一輪寫作和閱讀校本編選(六)及答案

          適用年級:高三 學科分類:英語 適用地區:人教版地區 資源類型:試題 文件類型:.doc 資料等級:★★★★★ 資料大?。?/small>0.07 MB 發布時間:2016-11-07 官方網址:HHXX.com.cn
          Right after the Second World War, Germany was in ruins. Almost all the houses, factories and schools were destroyed. Plenty of people were homeless as well as jobless. Worse still, the supply of water and electricity was often cut off in the city. Two American journalists interviewed a German family living in the basement. The husband was disabled from the war and the wife was just dismissed from a clothing company. Worse still, there were bills for them to pay—four children to care for and food to buy. Life was hard for them at that time.
          After the interview, the journalists chatted with each other on the way back to the company.
          “Do you think the Germans could rebuild their homeland?”
          “But I can’t see any hope for the country at all. How can you be so certain about that?”
          “Have you noticed what they put on the table in the basement? There was a vase of flowers. A nation, suffering at such moment, hasn’t forgotten about flowers. It shows that hopes are not lost. They are still able to dream. A nation with hope can create miracles. They are sure to be able to rebuild their homeland.”
          1. 以約30個詞概括上文的主要內容;
          2. 以約120個詞就夢想改變命運的話題談談你的想法,內容包括:
          (1) 你贊同文中的觀點嗎?
          (2) 舉例證明你贊同或不贊同的原因;
          (3) 談談你對夢想的看法。
          1. 作文中可以使用親身經歷或虛構的故事,也可以參照閱讀材料的內容,但不得直接引用原文中的句子;
          2. 作文中不能出現真實姓名和學校名稱。
          ???????? 概括準確,語言規范,內容合適,語篇連貫。

          【參考范文】One possible version:
          Two American journalists interviewed a German family after the war. Though living a poor life, the family still placed flowers on the table, which convinced a journalist that Germans were bound to rebuild their homeland.
          As is often the case, a man who can dream will try hard to overcome any difficulties in front and make it in turn. Therefore,I agree that dreams can change one’s life. Lisa is my friend and former classmate. She was an energetic girl who always dreamed of becoming an actress. However, at the beginning almost everyone tried to persuade her out of her dream because she was no more than 1.55 meters tall. There is no denying that actresses are usually much taller than her. However, she didn’t lose heart. With great determination, she wrote a play by herself and eventually acted as a leading role in it. The show was a success.
          As far as I am concerned, one who has a dream can see further, work harder, and gain much more. Please hold fast to your dreams.

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