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        1. 安徽休寧縣2017高考英語完形填空一輪選編(五)及答案

          適用年級:高三 學科分類:英語 適用地區:人教版地區 資源類型:試題 文件類型:.doc 資料等級:★★★★★ 資料大?。?/small>0.06 MB 發布時間:2016-11-07 官方網址:HHXX.com.cn
          Uncle Bruce has been my most influential role model. I admire him because he has __1__ me into the person I am today by teaching me about respect and responsibility and that anything __2__ having takes a lot of hard work.
          The most important thing he has __3__ me is how to think. He always says, “You can learn something from everyone, __4__ it's what not to do.” He always does what he __5__. If he says, “I'll pick you up at seven on Thursday,” it will? __6__. Also, Bruce is the kind of person who actually __7__ you.
          Uncle Bruce was in the army for 20 years and went through some terrible? __8__, but he hasn't let them affect him? __9__. After hearing his stories about alcohol-and drug-related? __10__, I have no interest in doing anything that could? __11__ me or my friends. He is also the only person who truly believes I can? __12__ it to West Point. He has done everything within his __13__ to help me achieve that goal.
          Uncle Bruce is my hero. He is __14__? that I want to be when I'm his age. He is smart, financially? __15__, and gives back to his community. There is no way I can? __16__ him for all he's done. He is the one whose __17__? can change the way I look at something. I've never told him that I love him, __18__ has he told me, but we love each other and I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm not? __19__ he's perfect, but I can't imagine __20__ without him now that he is here.
          文章大意:作者講述了Uncle Bruce的故事,他是作者眼中的英雄,一直鼓勵和幫助作者,也在幫助其他的人。作者希望自己以Uncle Bruce為榜樣,努力做一個像他那樣的人。
          1.A.shaped?? B.promoted
          C.trained?? D.blessed
          答案:A 本空考查動詞基本含義的辨析。shaped弄成……的形狀,塑造;promoted促進;trained訓練;blessed賜福。根據上下文意,他把我塑造成了現在的我,所以選項比較來看,只能選“shape”塑造。故選A。
          2.A.like B.about
          C.from D.worth
          答案:D 本空考查介詞基本含義的辨析。like像……一樣;about關于;from來自;worth 值得。本空較難,分清句子成分是關鍵?!皌hat anything __2__ having takes a lot of hard work”與前面的about短語共同作teach的賓語,此從句中 “anything __2__ having”作takes的主語,句意為“任何值得擁有的東西都要花費一番努力”,這里選用“值得worth doing”更好。故選D。
          3.A.directed? B.taught
          C.encouraged D.improved
          答案:B 本空考查動詞基本含義的辨析。directed指導;taught 教;encouraged鼓勵;improved提高,改善。根據文章第一段,Uncle Bruce一直在教我做人,這里是說“他所教給我最重要的事情是如何思考”,根據前文暗示,選用taught。故選B。
          4.A.so that B.even if
          C.as if D.now that
          答案:B 本空考查連詞基本含義的辨析。so that 以至于;even if即使;as if 好像;now that既然。結合上下文,選項中只有“即使”更符合文意即:即使它沒什么關系。故選B。
          5.A.wants B.supports?
          C.promises D.advises
          答案:C 本空考查動詞基本含義的辨析。wants想要;supports 支持;promises 許諾;advises建議。根據下一句暗示,此句理解為“言出必行”,所以選項中“promise,承諾”更合適。故選C。
          6.A.matter B.insist
          C.succeed?? D.happen
          答案:D 本空考查動詞基本含義的辨析。matter 重要;insist堅持;succeed成功;happen發生,碰巧。本空較難,關鍵看清代詞。結合文章上下文,此空前面it指代uncle承諾過的事,結合前文“言出必行”,所以根據文章happen更合適。本空易選錯insist,如果選insist,需要將前面的it改為he。故選D。
          7.A.sticks to? B.points at
          C.listens to? D.comes at
          答案:C 本空考查動詞短語基本含義的辨析。sticks to堅持;points at指著; listens to 聽;comes at襲擊。本空較難,根據文章基調,作者在全文透露出Uncle Bruce在各個方面都很好,對自己的影響也很大,此句中又有also,可以推測本句也是在夸uncle,四個選項中只有“listen to傾聽”是褒義,故選C。
          8.A.experiences B.diseases?
          C.drills D.adaptations
          答案:A 本空考查名詞基本含義的辨析。experiences 經歷;diseases疾??;drills訓練;adaptations改編。該句講的是經歷,所以experiences是更恰當。故選A。
          9.A.materially? B.negatively
          C.barely D.positively
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