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        1. 安徽休寧縣2017高考英語完形填空一輪選編及答案

          適用年級:高三 學科分類:英語 適用地區:人教版地區 資源類型:試題 文件類型:.doc 資料等級:★★★★★ 資料大?。?/small>0.11 MB 發布時間:2016-11-07 官方網址:HHXX.com.cn
          People commonly believe red wakes us up or blue calms us down.It is deeply rooted in Western culture—to the point that many consider it a __1__.But do they really change our behavior in the ways that we? __2__?
          If you repeatedly have a particular experience __3__ by a certain color,then you eventually __4__ to associate that color with the way you are feeling or behaving.It's been suggested that a school career spent reading your teacher's red writing circling your? __5__ forever makes you link red with danger.Meanwhile,blue is more likely to be associated with __6__ situations like staring at the sea.It is true that people do make different associations with different __7__,but whether this translates into __8__ in a certain way or succeeding at a particular task is a different question.
          To __9__? this idea,in 2009 researchers at the University of British Columbia sat their participants at computer screens colored blue or red and tested them on __10__ tasks.With a red screen people did better on __11__ requiring attention to detail,but when the screen was blue they did better on creative tasks,such as __12__? as many uses as possible for a single brick.The researchers thought that red signaled“avoidance”and so they were more __13__,while blue motivated an“approach” behavior that __14__ them to be freer with their thinking,resulting in more? __15__.The test suggested that the colors and behaviors were? __16__ in their minds.
          The team even thought about the __17__ uses of their findings.They __18__ whether walls should be painted different colors depending on the task at hand.However, __19__ this might be tricky.In an office or a classroom you __20__? want to think creatively some of the time and pay attention to detail at others.
          1.A.fact? B.wish
          C.plan D.problem
          答案:A 本空考查名詞基本含義的辨析。fact事實;wish愿望;plan計劃;problem問題。根據破折號可知后一句是對前一句的解釋,所以填fact與rooted in相對應。故選A。
          2.A.judge? B.think
          C.choose D.predict
          答案:B 本空考查動詞基本含義的辨析。judge判斷;think思考,認為;choose選擇;predict預計。與前文的behavior相對應,故選B。
          3.A.surrounded B.designed
          C.painted D.decorated
          答案:A 本空考查動詞基本含義的辨析。surrounded包圍; designed設計;painted(上)漆;decorated裝飾。根據下文的by a certain color判斷,只有surrounded才可以與color搭配,故選A。
          4.A.decide B.pretend
          C.fail D.begin
          答案:D 本空考查動詞基本含義的辨析。decide決定;pretend假裝;fail未能;begin開始。根據前文的then判斷,處于一種顏色的環境中,然后就開始講顏色和感覺和行為聯系起來。故選D。
          5.A.grades B.comments
          C.mistakes D.notes
          答案:C 本空考查名詞基本含義的辨析。grades年級,分數;comments評論;mistakes錯誤;notes筆記。根據下文紅色總是和危險聯系起來,所以5空應是一個貶義詞,與前文的your teacher's red writing circling對應,故選C。
          6.A.easier B.calmer
          C.tougher D.worse
          答案:B 本空考查形容詞基本含義的辨析。easier更容易的;calmer更平靜的;tougher更艱苦的;worse更糟的。根據前文第一段的blue calms us down可知選B。
          7.A.colors B.places
          C.cases D.persons
          答案:A 本空考查名詞基本含義的辨析。colors顏色; places地點;cases情況,案件;persons人。與前文的colors相對應,故選A。
          8.A.reading B.writing
          C.speaking D.behaving
          答案:D 本空考查動詞基本含義的辨析。reading讀書;writing寫;speaking說;behaving做。根據空后的in a certain way or succeeding at a particular task判斷選D。
          9.A.test? B.promote
          C.share D.discuss
          答案:A 本空考查動詞基本含義的辨析。test測試;promote促進;share分享;discuss討論。根據賓語this idea判斷選A。
          10.A.challenging B.various
          C.important?? D.urgent
          答案:B 本空考查形容詞基本含義的辨析。challenging富有挑戰的;various各種各樣的;important重要的;urgent緊急的。與前文的colored blue or red相對應,故選B。
          11.A.questions B.duties
          C.tasks D.jobs
          答案:C 本空考查名詞基本含義的辨析。questions問題;duties職責;tasks任務;jobs工作。根據前文的tasks和空后的requiring判斷選C。
          12.A.picking out B.putting up
          C.bringing about? D.thinking of
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