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        1. 安徽休寧縣2017高考英語一輪完形填空練習(二)及答案

          適用年級:高三 學科分類:英語 適用地區:人教版地區 資源類型:試題 文件類型:.doc 資料等級:★★★★★ 資料大?。?/small>0.07 MB 發布時間:2016-11-07 官方網址:HHXX.com.cn
          A new mother was anxious to see her newly-born baby. But she was __1__? when the baby was in her arms. The baby had been born without ears.
          With time going on, it __2__ that the baby's hearing was perfect. It was only his __3__ that was damaged. When he rushed home from school one day and __4__ himself into his mother's? arms, she sighed, __5__ that his life was to be misfortunate.
          He grew up and became a __6__ with his classmates. He might have been class president, __7__ that. The boy's father __8__ the family physician in secret if he could do __9__ to helphis son. “I believed I could __10__ on a pair of outer ears, if they could be got,” the doctoranswered. So the? __11__ began for a person who would __12__? ears.
          Two years went by. Then the father said, “You are going to the hospital, son. Mother and Ihave someone who will give the ears you need. __13__ it is a secret,” said the father. The operationwas very __14__, and a new person appeared. “ But I must know!” he urged his father. “ Who gaveme __15__? I could never do enough for him. ” “I do not believe you could. ” said the father.
          The secret was __16__ for years till he stood with his father over his mother's coffin. Slowly and __17__, his father raised his mother's thick brown hair to __18__ that his mother had no outer ears. “Mother said she was __19__ she never let her hair be cut,” he whispered gently. “and? nobody ever thought she was less __20__,did they?”
          1.A.angry?? B.confused
          C.astonished D.curious
          答案:C 本空考查形容詞基本含義的辨析。angry生氣的;confused混亂不清的;astonished吃驚的; curious好奇的。根據下文孩子沒有耳朵,母親應該感到吃驚。故選C。
          2.A.turned out B.turned over
          C.took out?? D.took over
          答案:A 本空考查動詞短語基本含義的辨析。turned out結果是;turned over翻過;took out取出;took over接管。隨著時間的推移,結果證明嬰兒的聽力很好。故選A。
          3.A.figure?? B.face
          C.ear D.appearance
          答案:D 本空考查名詞基本含義的辨析。figure人物;face臉;ear耳朵; appearance外表。根據前文孩子沒有耳朵應是導致外表被毀了。故選D。
          4.A.threw?? B.got
          C.sent? D.took
          答案:A 本空考查動詞基本含義的辨析。threw 扔; got得到; sent送給; took拿走。throw oneself into one's arms投入某人的懷抱。故選A。
          5.A.persuading B.knowing
          C.doubting? D.wondering
          答案:B 本空考查動詞基本含義的辨析。persuading勸服;knowing知道,了解;doubting懷疑;wondering想知道。根據前文的sighed判斷,母親知道自己的孩子命運不好。故選B。
          6.A.enemy? B.favorite
          C.stranger?? D.friend
          答案:B 本空考查名詞基本含義的辨析。enemy敵人;favorite最喜愛的人或事;stranger陌生人;friend朋友。根據下文的class president可知他是班上學生最喜歡的人。故選B。
          7.A.ever since B.even if?
          C.but for D.as for
          答案:C 本空考查連詞和介詞短語基本含義的辨析。ever since自從;even if即使; but for要不是; as for至于。根據主句的might have been判斷。故選C。
          8.A.asked?? B.advised
          C.ordered?? D.convinced
          答案:A 本空考查動詞基本含義的辨析。asked詢問;advised建議;ordered命令;convinced確信。根據下文的in secret和family physician家庭醫生判斷是詢問。故選A。
          9.A.something B.everything
          C.anything?? D.nothing
          答案:C 本空考查不定代詞基本含義的辨析。something某事;everything一切事情;anything任何事情;nothing什么也沒有。if引導的賓語從句中,常用anything表示某事。故選C。
          10.A.transplant? B.operate?
          C.set D.fix
          答案:A 本空考查動詞基本含義的辨析。transplant移植;operate手術;set設置;fix安裝。根據前文男孩沒有耳朵,醫生只能移植一個外部的耳朵。故選A。
          11.A.operation? B.interview

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