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        1. 安徽休寧縣2017高考英語一輪完形填空練習(三)及答案

          適用年級:高三 學科分類:英語 適用地區:人教版地區 資源類型:試題 文件類型:.doc 資料等級:★★★★★ 資料大?。?/small>0.06 MB 發布時間:2016-11-07 官方網址:HHXX.com.cn
          It was my first college acting class. With great hesitation, sweating hands and an __1__ heart, I walked into the classroom. I had spent my entire life __2__ public speaking. But now here I was, __3__ not only to learn how to speak like someone on __4__, but to become them entirely. Theater classes are __5__ at many high schools and universities in the US. “Theater kids” are a quite different bunch who always seemed able to __6__ a room with their personalities.
          __7__ it was only a beginner-level course, my college class was filled with students who seemed a __8__ fit for acting. They were confident, funny and __9__. The professor, a stout(矮胖) woman with a permanent smile and gentle behavior, __10__ just as well. She __11__ us each with a handshake and welcoming eyes. The class was held in a circular room with __12__ situated around the edges. This allowed everyone in the room to have a(n) __13__ of whatever performance or lecture was __14__ in the center.
          After our first-day of introductions, each week we __15__ in a series of activities designed to help us find our own inner __16__. We sang songs, danced to music, and recited __17__ from our favorite short stories.
          The __18__ was eye opening. I learned that anyone has the __19__ to act, and many of us already do in our daily life. In the end, I'm not __20__? that I would consider myself an actor. But I don't think I ever had more fun in a college class.
          1.A.unsteady B.unsatisfied
          C.unusual D.unfair
          答案:A 本空考查形容詞基本含義的辨析。句意:我猶豫著,手心出汗,心情不穩定地走進教室。unsteady不穩定的;unsatisfied不滿意的;unusual不尋常的;unfair不公平的。根據語意和語境故選A。
          2.A.practising B.avoiding
          C.delivering D.learning
          答案:B 本空考查動詞基本含義的辨析。句意:我花了我的一生一世避免公開演講。practicing練習;avoiding避免;delivering傳遞;learning學習。故選B。
          3.A.refusing B.happening
          C.preparing D.hesitating
          答案:C 本空考查動詞基本含義的辨析。句意:但是現在在這里,我不僅準備為了向別人學習在舞臺上說話,也學習怎樣完全變成他們。refusing拒絕;happening發生;preparing準備;hesitating猶豫。根據語意故選C。
          4.A.stage B.campus
          C.strike D.trial
          答案:A 本空考查名詞基本含義的辨析。句意:但是現在在這里,我不僅準備為了向別人學習在舞臺上說話,也學習怎樣完全變成他們。stage 舞臺;campus校園;strike罷工;trial審訊。根據語意和語境故選A。
          5.A.difficult B.expensive
          C.advanced D.popular
          答案:D 本空考查形容詞基本含義的辨析。句意:戲劇課在美國的中學和大學里都很受歡迎。difficult困難的;expensive昂貴的;advanced先進的;popular受歡迎的。根據語意和語境故選D。
          6.A.put up B.make up
          C.light up D.break up
          答案:C 本空考查短語的基本含義的辨析。句意:“戲劇孩子們”是完全不同的一群人,他們似乎總是能夠用他們的人格來點燃一個房間。put up 舉起;make up編造;light up點燃;break up 打碎。故選C。
          7.A.Though B.Since
          C.Unless D.Once
          答案:A 本空考查連詞基本含義的辨析。句意:雖然僅僅是初級課程。Though雖然;Since既然;Unless除非;Once曾經。根據語意和語境故選A。
          8.A.strange B.natural
          C.common D.formal
          答案:B 本空考查形容詞基本含義的辨析。句意:我的大學班里坐滿了學生,他們對表演似乎很適合。strange陌生的;natural自然的;common普通的;formal正式的。根據語意和語境故選B。
          9.A.outgoing B.cautious
          C.hardworking D.patient
          答案:A 本空考查形容詞基本含義的辨析。句意:它們很自信,滑稽并且很友好。outgoing友好的,開朗的;cautious謹慎的;十分小心的;hardworking努力工作的;patient有耐性的。故選A。
          10.A.served B.prepared
          C.spoke D.fit

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